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Covid-19 Effect on HI Real Estate

Covid-19’s Effect on Hawaii Real Estate Market

What is going to be the effect of Covid-19 on Hawaii Real Estate Market? As we all know a major component of the economy in Hawaii is tourism and world wide it has ground to a halt. In a previous newsletter I had predicted that a very light recession at the beginning of 2021 would occur and it looked like we were on that trajectory. That is until Covid-19 hit us. The reality is now a worldwide recession caused by the WWIII Covid-19 war we are fighting. The recovery will also be similar to what has been experienced after the occurence of major or previous world wars.

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Bill 89's Impact on Hawaii Real Estate

Bill 89’s Impact on Hawaii Real Estate

Knowledge is Wealth! So would be a round-trip time-travel ticket to 1986 when the DPP (Department Planning and Permitting) first started issuing NUCs (Non-conforming Use Certificates) for homes and condos outside of resort areas – as a temporary solution – in order for them to legally engage in B&B (Bed & Breakfast) and TVU (Transient Vacation Unit) rentals; collectively known as STR (short term rentals) businesses. During the Honolulu Board of Realtors Agent Forum on July 11th, addressing Bill 89 – the City Council’s solution for the contentious and prolific STR businesses –

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HI Real Estate - Losing Some Steam?

Hawaii Real Estate Market – Losing Some Steam?

Knowledge is Wealth! So would be a round trip time travel ticket to 2029 for a day and then back to 2019 again. Imagine all the possibilities; stocks, real estate, precious metals etc. you could invest in knowing what would give you the highest rate of return and make you wealthy. There are certainly a few buildings and single family home neighborhoods on Oahu that I would have liked to have invested in – now with hindsight 20/20.

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Oahu Buyers' or Sellers' Markets

Latest Oahu Areas Analyses – Buyers’ or Sellers’ Markets?

Knowledge is Wealth! The topic of this month’s newsletter is meant to be an important update of the May 2018 Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market Analyses for many neighborhoods on Oahu. For both Buyers and Sellers it is important to know if you are buying or selling in a Buyers’ Market or Sellers’ Market – strategies should be planned accordingly!

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Buy Luxury Home in a Buyers' Market


Knowledge is Wealth! So would be luxury homes on elastic rubber bands that actually fell in price in economic downturns (bust cycle) and snapped back upwards during economic upturns (boom cycles such as we are in now). After all, this is how the normal world works in free and fair markets. The same rules would also apply to almost all real estate EXCEPT luxury homes which is a market that seems to exist in a parallel universe encumbered with different laws of market physics.

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Kakaako Update – South East Corner is Hot – Strategize Accordingly! | July 2018 | By Damon Rhys

Knowledge is Wealth! So would be a time machine that takes you back to 1980 to see your grandparents. In an imaginative journey you take 5 X one ounce gold eagle coins with you, exchange them for 1980 $s and then proceed to buy 225 shares of Apple stock for $22 each (total investment of $4,950) and then have your grandparents create an irrevocable trust fund with you as the sole beneficiary with the plan to let the whole 225 shares ride for 38 years!

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