Steps To Buying A Home – Old

When representing a buyer, our team has your best interests ingrained in our hearts. Whether you are buying a $500,000 condo or a $10,000,000 home, you will have our undivided attention, 24/7 accessibility and our expertise and honesty in providing the best advice. We will be able to recommend options for home inspectors, mortgage lenders and contractors (if you choose to do some remodeling before you move in) for you to decide who would be the best to work with you. As your Realtor we not only take pride in finding the perfect home but we like to think of ourselves as the captain and coach of a well integrated and synchronized team guiding you along the way to buying your dream home. We know that for most people, buying their home is the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetimes so making sure you are making the best financial decisions during the process is of the utmost importance. Getting a great price for your home is the number one priority and our vast expertise in the negotiation of that will be paramount. We go well beyond the regular duties for all our clients looking after the most minute details such as helping to find a mover, temporary storage, home insurance etc. In fact, we’ll even drop by to check in on you during moving day with some cold beer and sushi (or pizza if you prefer!).

If you would be interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to give us a call. After hopefully choosing me as your Realtor, here is a simple list of the main steps to buying your new home. My team and I will be holding your hand the entire process:

  1. Get pre-approval for a mortgage (unless you are a cash buyer)
  2. Find your dream home prospects
  3. Make appointments / showings to see prospective homes
  4. Do the math in coming up with the lowest price possible that could be acceptable to the seller
  5. Make the offer (or multiple offers if there is more than one prospective home on the market)
  6. Schedule home inspections (in Hawaii lenders will also require a separate termite inspection)
  7. Price negotiation – making counter offers (if necessary)
  8. Offer acceptance and what to do next
  9. Opening an escrow account
  10. Depositing your earnest money check into the escrow account
  11. If currently renting, giving notice to your landlord
  12. Take it easy on any shopping until your lender gives the final approval on your home loan
  13. Schedule the closing
  14. Review the home inspection reports
  15. Review the Condo and CC&R documents (applies only to condos and homes with exclusive home owners’ associations)
  16. Transfer remaining amount of down payment to escrow
  17. After final loan approval schedule the movers and start packing
  18. Schedule the beginning of utilities
  19. Do the final walk-thru
  20. Lender sends final funds to escrow account
  21. Final closing and getting the keys to your dream home
  22. Secure your new dream home
  23. Move in
  24. Have some beer and sushi (or pizza)!
  25. Give us a review on how we served you