Steps To Buying A Home 101

When representing a buyer, our team has your best interests ingrained in our hearts. Whether you are buying a $500,000 condo or a $10,000,000 home, you will have our undivided attention providing you access to home inspectors, escrow services, contractors for any new home improvements etc. along with our 24/7 availability for any expert advice. Most importantly we know this is a big decision and stage in your life probably making the biggest purchase so far of your life. Our team is dedicated to getting your home for the best possible price using quantitative pricing models to determine if the asking price of the property you’re are interested in is over-valued (or, in some cases, under-valued). Determining the best true value of a property is key in making a wise real estate investment decision.

If you would be interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Here is a simple list of the main steps to buying a home and please be assured we will be holding your hand the entire process:

  1. Find a Realtor (we hope you would choose us!)
  2. Get pre-approval letter from lender (unless you are a cash buyer) – we can introduce you to several competitive lenders
  3. Start the search for your dream home/condo
  4. Review the list of possible candidate homes
  5. Arrange for showings of possible properties (we should personally visit at least 10 to 15 with you)
  6. Make an offer or multiple offers
  7. Getting an acceptance of negotiating counter offers
  8. I have an accepted offer / counter – offer! What’s next?
  9. Arrange for earnest money deposit to escrow company
  10. If you are renting, give notice to your landlord
  11. If financing be careful with short-term spending to make sure your credit rating is the highest possible (this can affect both the cost of your loan and, most importantly, the interest rate)
  12. Review the closing period timeline (we’ll provide one!)
  13. Review title and in the case of a condo, the condo documents
  14. Arrange for inspectors (both general a separate termite inspection – even for condos this is important in Hawaii!)
  15. Inspections passed? Let’s move forward with the 2nd earnest money deposit.
  16. Inspections not passed? Either have the seller fix the issues or negotiation a lower price so you can fix them yourself after closing.
  17. Arrange for a home evaluation (for a loan this is almost always mandatory)
  18. Evaluation come in less than expected? In Hawaii you have another chance here to negotiate a lower price.
  19. Termite Inspection (if it does not pass then as the seller for treatment, fumigation or elect to terminate the agreement)
  20. In the case of buying a single family home, review the survey report to make sure there are no encroachments from neighboring properties.
  21. Hiring movers and start packing
  22. Scheduling the ending/beginning of utilities
  23. The Final Walk-Thru
  24. Closing Escrow
  25. Give us a review on how we served you


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