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Thank you for visiting my website and letting me help you find your Sanctuary Home in the Pacific here in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Whether you are already living in Hawaii, planning to make a move permanently or simply looking for a vacation, or 2nd home, my comprehensive site has all the tools to help you make the right investment decision. If you are a seller looking to get the best fair price for your home you will find the resources to do so here as well including tips in how to get the best fair price.

Now is a good time to make an investment in Real Estate in the US and specifically Hawaii. Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve Board has the announced the end of “Quantitative Easing” (QE). The immediate effect of this will be the strengthening of the US$ to some extent we have seen already. QE policies in the EU and Japan may have a further tendency to exacerbate the strengthening of the US$. Investing in Real Estate now in the US in US$s should provide both an inflation and currency hedge whilst retaining value in the future. It is also believed that interest rates will stay low, below the rate of inflation resulting in negative real interest rates. This means that investing in bonds will not keep up with the rate of inflation and with recent all time highs in the stock market this may not be the right time to invest in the stock market. The same low interest rates mean that financing for Real Estate investment will be relatively inexpensive now compared to the past. This combined with the lesser opportunities mentioned above in the stock and bond markets mean that now is the perfect time to invest in Real Estate.

Having a Master’s Degree (MPIA) and over 20 years of Sales, Marketing and overall Business experience in the Asia Pacific Region along with having lived in Hawaii for 13 years, my clients, both buyers and sellers can have confidence in letting me assist them with all their real estate needs here in Hawaii. Whether you are a buyer or seller in an affluent niche market or simply want to buy or sell your condominium, my site has all the necessary resources to either promote or look for your new Sanctuary condominium in the Pacific. Most importantly, I guarantee direct personal access to all my clients so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an e-mail any time..

Buyers – For a quick search please use the “Quick Search” section above to quickly find listings of all the condominiums in the areas that you are interested in. For convenience I have provided a map of all the main condominium areas in Oahu and their corresponding zip codes. After that I suggest you proceed to the “Buyers” or “Investors” or “Condominiums” sections of the website.

Sellers – You may also use the “Quick Search” feature to find homes comparable to yours selling now in your area. However, we will need to refine your home evaluation that depending on your home’s unique characteristics and neighborhood. Please let me suggest you then go to the “Seller’s” section and fill out the home evaluation form. I will get back to you right away with a free valuation.

Helping you meet your maximum lifestyle potential in every market!

Damon Rhys (RA), MPIA